Augmented Reality by Freddie Hong
(Sculpture: A Song for Indiana by Teresa Clark)

Intertwined is a sculptural piece inspired by Wabash River and Paul Dresser’s song ‘On the Banks of the Wabash, Far Away’. The sculpture consists of a continuous closed path that is loosely knotted with meandering split along the geometry. Studying Paul’s lyrics, it felt that human life is so transitory in comparison to perpetual nature of the river. While we may be short-lived, our legacy continues through generation and our path can intertwine through time and space. Assisted by the AR, audience can walk into the sculpture seeing the flow of the geometry from inside, but also may step away from and spectate from far distance.

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Freddie Hong is an artist and a researcher who lives and works in London. Being interested in how present-day digital technology and manufacturing industry dictates our relationship with materials, he finds new ways of designing and crafting artefacts through various inventive instruments in a research led practice. Freddie also explores the ambiguous boundary of authorship and control in our relationship with machine and data through interactive installations. Freddie works across the field of art, architecture, design and engineering.

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