Augmented Reality by Chung Chak
(Sculpture: Renewal by Tim Upham)

Point your smartphone at the image below:

Art provides an outlet when words fail to express our feelings, and helps process traumatic events in our everyday life. Our world is now in wars, conflicts, illnesses, discrimination, recession, and injustice. My only intention of creating Merry-Go-Round is to bring a short joyful moment to anyone regardless of their age or background. A famous quote from Mahatma Gandhi, "Where there is love there is life." When a merry-go-round revolves, kids laugh, parents wave, and a beautiful blue sky will continue to shine above the heads of our future generations.

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As an image-maker formally trained as a designer, Chung has found his voice through semiotic interpretation. Exploring how different levels of meanings can be expressed through complex image layers is his primary creative goal. He invents photographic metaphors that carry hidden meanings, and views his imagery as timeless visual poetry with psychological impact where viewers can no longer remain passive. The process of conceptualizing and resolving a creative solution is as rewarding as seeing the result. Apart from his photographic background, Merry-Go-Round is his first attempt at creating a public art piece by using animation. Chung is an Professor at The College of New Jersey. He has approximately twenty five solo exhibitions throughout the US including the most recent in Gallery 456 of Chinese American Art Council in NYC. He received a Publication Award of US10000 through the Hong Kong Arts Council.

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