Reflected Flame

Augmented Reality by Tesha Merkel
(Sculpture: Flame of the Millenium by Leonardo Nierman)

Point your smartphone at the image below:

This animated work was created to amplify elements of the original sculpture, Flame of the Millennium. It's meant to expand upon the sweeping arcs of the original sculpture's form, and recreate and extend those implied motions into animated movement. The colors were chosen as an intensification of the blues and greens shown in the sculpture's reflective surface. Most importantly, the animation was created to surround the sculpture and emphasize its base elements even in the creation of something new, keeping the original work as the heart and center of the extended piece.

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Tesha is a recent 2D animation and design graduate from The Ohio State University. While she loves to experiment with a range of media, she has a particular passion for animation, video game development, and illustrative work. Above all, she prefers the focus of her work to be storytelling, translating complex narratives and diverse characters into evocative visual stories.

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