Augmented Reality by Genetic Moo
Sound design by Julie Schauerman
(Sculpture: Our River - Our Future by Deedee Morrison)

Point your smartphone at the image below:

This piece augments a sculpture called Our River - Our Future by DeeDee Morrison which contrasts the diatom indicator species in local rivers with another important indicator of health and well-being: the human microbiome, a focus of research in the surrounding College of Health and Human Services.  

We wanted to bring this tall, thin sculpture to life and peristaltic motion suggested itself. We created the animating waves of villi with code and Julia Schauerman designed the sound to complement the digestive action.

Genetic Moo creates large-scale interactive installations for museums and galleries. They are inspired by ecology, symbiosis, morphology and A-life.

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Genetic Moo is a collaboration between creative coding couple Nicola Schauerman and Tim Pickup. They create large-scale interactive installations for museums and galleries. Their art encourages experimentation and play and is inspired by popular science, particularly ecology, artificial life and evolution.

Since 2013, Genetic Moo has been working on Microworld, an ambitious digital ecosystem project. Microworlds are immersive art spaces filled with digital creatures with life cycles and survival techniques and which respond to visitors using sensors. Visitors can interact with the creatures or design their own. Microworld is produced by Lumen Art Projects and has been shown in Europe, the USA, the Middle East and Asia. Since 2018, over 350,000 people have engaged in a Microworld.

Genetic Moo has won numerous grants, awards and commissions worldwide. Their exhibitions include SKMU, Norway; Ithra, SA; The Science Centre, Singapore; Eureka! UK; LABoral, Spain; Kinetica Art Fair, UK and Glastonbury, UK.

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